Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama's budget

According to ftalphaville, the key parameters of Obama's budgetary plans are:

For next year...

FY 2011 projected revenue: $2.174 Trillion
FY 2011 projected spending: $3.819 Trillion
FY 2011 projected deficit: $1.645 Trillion
Spending as a % of GDP: 25.3%
Deficit as a % of GDP: 10.9%

...and by 2015....

FY 2015 projected revenue: $3.583 Trillion
FY 2015 projected spending: $4.190 Trillion
FY 2015 projected deficit: $607 Billion
Spending as a % of GDP: 22.3%
Deficit as a % of GDP: 3.2%

Here is a round-up of what others said about the administration's budget plans:

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