Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Neil!

You didn't? Did you?

From the mail

Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey is millions of pounds in debt after a property scheme he invested in collapsed, it was reported today. The actor, who lives in Crouch End, north London, said he lost £2.5million after investing in a string of hotels and pubs. He told the News of the World he would not file for bankruptcy and intended to pay his creditors in full.


  1. Unfortunately, he was caught up in the collective madness of the times: let's not forget, Sir Isaac Newton got burned in the South Sea Bubble.

    The architect David Adjay is also going down in flames of bankruptcy: it is the New Labour gotterdamarung. Expect to see more: just like AIDS in the 80s took a whole generation of artists and thinkers out, we will see a whole generation of New Labour-era wankers go down.

  2. i do hope youre not really comparing Sir Issac Newton with that wazzock?

    Now, when can we look forward to sarah beeny and that other one taking a haircut? Phil's co already did!

  3. A bit of publicity for Neil Morrissey and for the cheap daily mail.

    I don't like the daily mail any more. They have printed a few stories recently which are indicating a desperation to get sales even though they are printing cheap rubbish. A few stories have been printed that have been bordering on insane or unbelievable. Not to mention causing extreme feeling towards some sectors. They also sensor any comments which suggest stories have been made up.

  4. ha ha i love it when celebs go bust

  5. give the lad his due, morrissey-fox blonde is a pretty good beer.

    He can be proud of creating that.

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  7. I'm trying to think of some Bob The Builder related joke, but I can't. Damn.

  8. thanks for the translation.

    Actually these bots do a lot better than anonymous accounts nowadays, they can create accounts, crack captcha codes and lots more.

    The currently favoured one is xrumer, you can buy it for not very much or get someone on wickedfire to run it against your sites for a few dollars.

    Truly naughty stuff - but you get slapped if Google detects you using it.

  9. Not interested in the womens clothes, but cheesecake? Why didn't they say....

  10. I'm really disappointed in the translation, Anon.

    I thought it was something deep and mystical from one of Alice's friends.

    Thank God I didn't use an excerpt for a tattoo.

  11. Re the original post:

    Les Dennis will be grinning.

  12. Mark Wadsworth said...
    I'm trying to think of some Bob The Builder related joke, but I can't. Damn.

    Bob the Baliff??