Thursday, July 23, 2009

US home sales are flat

Flat as in pancake....


  1. I'm not so sure.

    There seems a slight movement upwards in recent months.

  2. Pick up any publication for high end houses, boats, or collectible cars and discover that multi-million dollar anythings are not selling. There is a huge over supply and more is waiting for any signs of market improvement to be listed.

    What Benjamin Shalom Bernanke knows but ignores is that a zero interest rate environment is producing very little income for folks to spend. Trying to get everyone to be a borrowing slave simply doesn't work, but he and his band of followers at the Fed will continue with this plan.

  3. The current market scenario has brought everyone on his toes. One should be careful before investing in real estate. Do confirm prices by other builders/other sources.
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