Friday, July 17, 2009

Its a wonderful life

BBC executives have been piling on pounds, with the taxpayer picking up the tab.

Do you get the feeling that these people are having a joke at our expense....literally.

Doesn't "internal hospitality" sound a little rude?

From the Telegraph....

The latest round of BBC expenses, released today, showed that the corporation's creative director Alan Yentob charged the licence fee payer nearly £1,600 for an "executive Christmas dinner".

Details of BBC executives and top earners' expenses were disclosed last month, and showed that the board claimed a total of £350,000, including more than £2,000 to fly director general Mark Thompson's family home from holiday in the wake of the Andrew Sachs row.

Ben Stephenson, the BBC's head of drama commissioning, spent £309 on eight candles by designer Jo Malone as gifts recognising "outstanding" contributions to BBC drama.

Mr Yentob, who earns between £310,000 and £340,000, also claimed £160 for a dinner to discuss Nigella Lawson's contract, £60 on "internal hospitality" for a meeting to discuss his own career, and even £10 for a new mobile phone cover.


  1. disgusting, despicable and predictable.

  2. If there was ever a reason to ditch your TV...

  3. In my last job we weren't allowed to claim anything for entertaining unless the outsiders present equalled or outnumbered the insiders.

  4. How much do the telegraph journo's get eh lets see their figures as well please.

  5. The difference is, Anonymous 01:24, Telegraph journalists get their expenses paid from money the paper earns. The BBC execs get their expenses from money the BBC is given. Taken compulsorily.

  6. ...And most importantly, the standard of BBC programming is getting worse. I'd sack the bloody lot of them!

  7. They are in breach of their charter.

    Since they STRONGLY reflect the alice in wonderland views of this filthy corrupt fabian government, and the voting public regard this gov't as occupying a minority view, disgraced by events, their charter should be revoked immediately.
    Compete on a level playing field, or go bust.

    The truth however, is that the foreign service is the UK gov't propaganda machine, and thus, we pay.

    So why be bare faced liars, and tell us it is a licence to receive transmissions?
    Maybe because the majority would similarly disagree with the global promulgation of filthy fabian crap.

  8. The issue of the declining quality of BBC broadcasting noted above is very important.

    Since the BBC can sell at a profit abroad a large slice of its programming, there is really no need to charge a large license fee. The smaller the license fee, the greater the stimulus to make good quality programming which can also be sold abroad. So, it would stimulate the BBC to beter work if the license fee were reduced to a nominal sum, capable of supporting news broadcasting - though even that offers little that is unique - and the important work of the world service.

    B. in C.

  9. You can see the sickness with Britain's elite on the take: look at them: like Yentob, fat, puffy faced. Those are classic signs of both physical corruption, and moral and ethical corruption. Always judge: if a person looks bloated and arrogant, they are clearly corrupt and on the fiddle.