Friday, July 17, 2009

Goldman Sachs are Scum

Tell us what you think about Goldman.....


  1. Indeed. That is why they are now known as "Government Sachs".

  2. Words fail...

    The chilling bit is to see large business and government meld.

    If truly evil people take control of the helm, it's 1930's Europe again.

    And, yes, it can happen again, even in America.

  3. Wow!

    Fantastic find Alice.

  4. Max is a little too emotional. It would be better to give more facts and fewer epithets, and let the facts speak for themselves. This is nothing new; Old Testament has some words on greed, and Jesus was killed when he started to criticize excessive wealth... Let's not be so surprised; these guys were doing it since the dawn of humanity.

  5. Goldman bashing is getting to be a popular sport, Denninger's Tickerforum has a few threads, and Mike Morgan has a whole site devoted to the apparently omniscient crew. I doubt it will affect the Masters of the Universes.

  6. G S have been bailed out by the taxpayer not with the 10 billion they've repaid but by the Fed guaranteeing the bad debts they hold. No lessons learned, the masters of the universe escape. Same over here : Goodwin, Hester.