Monday, July 13, 2009

A free media

Sometimes, we forget how lucky we are.....


  1. You think the BBC/Gruaniad/Labour party axis is any different?

    Maybe a bit more subtle, but MSM believers are no more free of propaganda than North Koreans are.

  2. I don't see much difference other than slicker presentation by our media. Things like the green shoots propaganda campaign is just as untruthful.

    I can't remember the last utterance from the US Treasury Secretary or Fed reserve chairman (or virtually any politician) that wasn't laced with dissembling, lies, or selective amnesia.

    It's probably worse because a transparent lie is at least easier for the average person to identify, as opposed to the large number of people who believe recovery is happening right now.

  3. Lucky? With NuLiebour & Gorgon in charge?

    We've never had it so bad.

    Just a bunch of ecofacist Stalinists if you ask me.

  4. New Labour are bad, they distort and lie; agreed. but at least I can blog without being shot.


  5. I make my money from gross misinformation campaigns and mass perception management. It's worse in the west because only the smart can see it happening. The Jade Goodies of the world are just too damn thick to work anything out. I have lived in totalitarian states: everyone there knows its bullshit and just laugh about it.

  6. You are Peter Mandelson and i claim my £5.00

  7. but at least I can blog without being shot.

    For Now - Here "They" just archive all your traffic data for seven years so they can shoot your friends too should the occasion merit. Maybe slap you with some paedophile charge to pass the time ...