Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This truly is the worst financial blog I have ever read

Yesterday, I received the following comment from an anonymous reader:

"This truly is the worst financial blog I have ever read. Bitter, cynical, poorly informed and offering zero alternatives. It's like it is written by a 5 year old.

Every day I come on to see what kind of crazy spin Alice can put on the next set of figures she finds, while somehow blaming the British government for a world economic crisis.

Few emerge from this mess with distinction, but few deserve the vitriol spewed on this vile blog everyday."

Praise indeed!


  1. OK, I admit it. I wrote that.

  2. Good to see Derek Draper's up and about, after his long absence. Welcome back, Dolly!

  3. Alice, I've had far worse, take it from me, that particular post was pretty much spot on! Keep up the good work.

  4. couldn't agree more.this harridan is taking this honesty and truth and accuracy thing to she's going to say"i told you so".really is to much and there should(could)be a law against it.

  5. Quite right, if only we all skipped about singing "Hello Clouds, Hello Sky" and heaping hosannas on Dear Leader all will be well!

  6. It's a world economic crisis which the government should have been better prepared for. Instead Labour have spent every penny and now we are billions in debt. I believe taxes will have to rise substantially for at least a decade in order to pay for this mess. So we should be blaming the government.

    Keep up the good work Alice.

  7. A reaction is all you need to feel effective

  8. Alice

    I don't agree with everything you say all the time (it would be a bit sad if I did) but I find your blog continually stimualting and worth reading.

    Bitter, yes, cyncial, a little bit, poorly informed, no and quite frankly who is offering alternatives? And quite fair to blame the UK government, along with the US government in particular. I guess if you were American you would focus on them, though it's a pretty crowded market.

    Keep it up.

  9. "It's like it is written by a 5 year old." NO, NO, NO.
    It should be "It's as if it is written by a 5 year old." Illiterate twerp.

  10. Alice - yours has become one of the few blogs I read daily. I enjoy your insight and suspect that like a lot of people you'd love the glass to be half full, but you're not going to blindly believe it is. Keep up the good work.

  11. Alice,
    "This truly is the worst financial blog I have ever read......Every day I come on to see (it)"

    Suggests the reader in question is an obsessive, illiterate who doesn't understand economics. Could that just be someone who still supports Gordon Brown???

  12. Interesting to see they didn't challenge you on the specifics.

    I consider your arguments well thought out so if they take issue then they should at least be more detailed.

    Then we could all enjoy taking up the debate and scrutinise their arguments, which seemingly contradict your own.

    All in all - poor show from the obscure critic.

  13. I find this blog addictive. It's great.

    It's a financial blog ??? Well I learn something new every day !

  14. .. and in the excitement to get the early train home he forgot to collect his refund n the way out.

  15. That was pure Number 10 Policy Unit: I know: they talk like that all the time. They believe (and maybe rightly so) that the British public are like the people in Orson Wells' Citizen Kane: "They will believe what I damn well tell them to believe!!"

  16. And yet the critic still tunes in every day...

    I love this blog.

  17. Alice, take no notice. You do a reasonable job trying to enlighten an area that is difficult to understand. I appreciate your efforts and most of your readers do. Take it steady.

  18. Economics is not difficult to understand - unless you are a socialist !

    If you want to understand economics:

    If you don't listen to Gordo !

  19. Consider the comment has come from a 3-year old.

    If one cannot see Alice's numerous offerings of alternatives (basically one alternative - the one alternative far too many people refuse to acknowledge: "spend within your means") one lacks of reading comprehension.

  20. Wow, I am glad my comment was elevated to the main blog.

    I stand by what I say; and I am certainly no supporter of New Labour, nor Gordon Brown. I don't agree with the way spending has risen and I don't think we - the British taxpayers - have seen good value for our extra investment.

    Numerous studies show this, not least the ONS productivity stats.

    However, I can not condone the naive bitter and ill informed comment that Alice puts out every single day. Britain is not alone in suffering this crisis, and Alice fails to appreciate the impact that the implosion of world trade has had on Britain.

    You can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Alice's bitter whining from the sidelines consigns her to being part of the problem - the cynical bitter and self-defeating attitude so prevalent today. If she came up with credible alternatives, or workable economic policy then she would be adding some value to the blogosphere. As she won't (can't?) do this, what is the point of carping without solutions?

    And before you say her ideas were not to bail out the banks, not to lower interest rates, not to provide fiscal stimulus... then consider every other developed country in the world is taking similar measures - as the alternatives is a complete economic and social meltdown.