Monday, June 29, 2009

The Queen needs more cash

Why isn't she enjoying a spot of deflation like her subjects?


  1. We love our queen....

  2. "Cost of Royal Family rises £1.5m"

    Somewhere on the web, if read that if all the money scammed by MPs was really paid back, that would account for a £1m.

    Perhaps they should be squeezed harder, maybe we could make it a cool £1.5m

  3. Back off.

    Some things are too good to count.

  4. Now you know dearest Alice, that deflation is a figment of Liebour economic imagination. Perhaps if her Majesty purchased a palaceful of Chinese crap she could pay less than she did in the past for manufactured goods, but since her expenditure is likely to include staff wages, carriage charges ( pun intended ), fuel costs, etc. She will likely have a real inflation rate of around 7 % like everyone else who doesn't buy a plasma telly every week.

  5. Hang on a minute - according to the piece the Royals cost less in real terms than in 2001. If only Gordo could boast the same for his spending. We could cut most taxes completely. Put the Queen in charge of the country, and abolish Gordo I say!

  6. 69p per person?

    Bloody hell, that must make her the best value in the "public" sector by a country mile.

    Let's have more of Her Maj and less - much, much less - of those thieving bastards who have the gall, the effrontery, the sheer cheek, to call themselves her government.

    Where do I send my next 69p?