Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go, Merv, Go

"The scale of the deficit is truly extraordinary".

Mervyn has gone for walk. In New Labour terms, he is "off message", talking about expenditure cuts and deficit reduction.

Meanwhile, poor Gordon can't get his figures right.

What a sorry mess....


  1. Shame on you for doubting Gordon.
    Look beyond mere figures to the clarity of argument.

    Debt means Investment
    Investment means Jobs
    Jobs mean Security
    Security means Investment.

    Its a circular thing and the silly tories just don't get it.

  2. Bill,

    You are so right. Why don't I understand?

    It is big picture stuff that New Labour do so well. Whereas I focus on the little things like the deficit and monetary policy.


  3. I wish I was intelligent enough to understand this blog. Alice is so clever. She always leaves her comments hanging, so to leave a guessing game. I wish she could stick her neck out once in a while and tell us in black and White what all these figures equate to. What's happening Alice? Please tell the dumbo's.

  4. Shame Mervin was not so brave 12 months or longer ago, but then Liebour didn't look like loosing the election...

  5. White what all these figures equate to

    That you will finance your retirement by collecting rubbish while the people who engineered the mess enjoys theirs courtesy of the Tax payer.

  6. With reference to Bill Quango... yes you are right - it is a circular thing... ie all bloody hype and without sound foundations !
    You have just confirmed that Gordon Brown's "miracle" economy was based entirely on hype - the same money going around in circles and at each cycle, it was being topped up with cash from equity withdrawal from rising property prices.
    That was truly madness and any idiot should have seen that it was as sustainable as a pyramid scheme - just a big con in fact.
    Had the UK got "wealthy" from successful manufacturing/exports, then I would have admired Gordon Brown, but as it is.... I don't think so... the man should be hung drawn and quartered - all he has accomplished is to bring about a crazy housing bubble that has caused massive social divides and created a culture of greed and an un-caring society in the UK... and he has bankrupted the country to boot - Brown is a traitor in my eyes and commands not one ounce of respect or authority.