Monday, April 27, 2009

New Labour spending on education - where did the money go?

Darling's recent budget document boasts that in the "ten years after 1997" spending on education increased by 60 percent and "as a proportion of GDP has risen from 4.8 percent to 5.5 percent".

Unfortunately, we can not see that huge spending increase in the number of teachers. Since 1997, the number of teachers has increased by just 8,000, up just 1.8 percent.

What did New Labour do with all that money for education?


  1. I'll give you a clue - look at the other staff schools employ and how full their car parks are ....

  2. Paid teachers a lot more, employed "teaching assistants", diverted funds away from schools and back to local authorities.

    An object lesson in how to spend a lot of money whilst achieving less.

  3. Alice, usually, your charts are so spikey and stressful. This one feels realy cool and gentle. Didn't look to see what it was about in case it raised my blood pressure again.

    A David

  4. But my Wife's classroom roof was fixed after 15 years of leaking!

  5. infrastructure and staff retention

  6. Business managers, behaviour units, cover supervisors, exam invigilators teaching assistants.
    There is no money left for teachers.