Sunday, March 29, 2009

No more property ramping articles

Over the last few days, I've read a couple of articles complaining about the demise of printed newspapers. With circulation rapidly declining and advertizing revenues evaporating, Journalists fear that their days of gainful employment are numbered.

I was almost ready to shed a tear into my morning coffee, when this disgraceful article from the Independent crossed my screen. It reads suspiciously like paid advertising for share to buy mortgage products.

Three is not a crowd as far as Danial, Wesley and Sian are concerned. The first two are life-long friends and Sian has been Danial's partner for a year. Together, they bought a two-storey detached home in North Wales recently for £215,000, making the purchase after they had rented the house next door. They had realised the mortgage payments would scarcely be different to their rent and so decided to use to help them find a loan.

Danial says there were difficulties at first: "The process was slow due to the constant interest rate changes meaning that mortgage products were hard to pin down." Persistence paid off, though, and they were able to secure a 90 per cent mortgage from Royal Bank of Scotland with a deposit of £35,000.

The Independent desperately needs some editorial control. Property prices have taken a determined shift southwards. Therefore, property ramping articles, like this one, are extremely misleading.

If the Independent can't produce anything better than this rubbish, I would be very happy to see them go under.


  1. polly wanted state aid for her rag,how pathetic would that be?

  2. London estate agentMarch 29, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    Why shouldn't Polly receive public money? Her mates at the BBC receive it.

  3. I would be very happy to see them go under.

    Full stop.

  4. We now have an 'Axe the Agent' type program shown by the BBC. In a way this is property ramping too - cutting costs to get the market moving again.

    What job is it of the BBC to interfere in the market place ? I have no brief for estate agents - but who gave the BBC licence to to undermine people's livelihoods ?

    Have they been instructed by the Government ?

  5. So, a taxpayer-funded attack on estate agents; the BBC just gets worse.

  6. So, a taxpayer-funded attack on estate agents

    ...when so many of us would happily do it for free.

  7. A 90% mortgage with a £35,000 deposit for a £215,000 house.

    I think there is something missing from the story.

  8. There's the related scandal that some poor sod is called "Danial". People can be so cruel.

  9. Polly already gets state aid, where do you think the government spends it's advertising budget.... Surely just a coincidence it is with the most consistently pro-NuLab rag.

  10. Thats why we are reading here Alice!

  11. There are naked property ramping articles all over the place again. It is like there is a unit in Number 10 writing the things (and there probably is!).