Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Northern Rock pocket 10 percent bonuses

Question: What is the price of failure in the UK today?
Answer: It is a 10 percent bonus, while the taxpayer is covering the loses on your loan book.

Come on, admit it; when you saw this story about Northern Rock staff getting a 10 percent bonus, you smiled. It is so ridiculous that you can't get angry.

This is Britain; financial services rule. Everyone else travels second class. Even state owned banks need their bonuses.


  1. UN-F******-BELIEVABLE!
    surely the bonus was keeping their jobs

  2. This is Britain: take the piss and then some. People think it will lead to social disorder, but I can assure you, it will not. Look in the face of the one blokey builder types out there: empty eyes: no politics no ideals. These guys will not do anything apart from an act of racist violence, which will just get them banged up in jail.

  3. I remember sometime back seeing gerald kaufman saying how that even though people were decrying the loss of manufacturing, financials and the city made more money than manufacturing ever did.

    Now at the risk of over doing the mixed metaphores, putting all ones eggs in one basket etc etc, but even the remedial school halfwit with the 2 candlesticks of snot under each nostril, the patch over his lazy eye, the limp, hand-me-down clothes and the bad B.O problem could see that this would all end in tears.

  4. OK. So I don't qualify for tax breaks.

    When do I get my bonus?

  5. Nice to see how they deal with bullshitters in Iceland

  6. A 10 percent bonus is modest by the standards of the industry.

  7. No,no,no! Clearly you do not understand. This is merely the Brown way of providing them with the wherewithal to continue spending, spending, spending their way out of recession (er, are we allowed to use hat word yet?).

  8. I blame women. It's since everything got feminised that everything started to fuck up ...

    ... including space travel.

  9. brilliant. I knew I made the wrong career choice when I chose to be an architect.
    Last year I delivered a project, ahead of its original deadline and on budget, making my employers a reasonable profit.
    Did I get a, I got redundancy. Just a "Thank you for your hard work and good performance, now were cutting staff."

    I knew I should have gone it to finance, you can balls it all up and still get a bonus.