Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brown wants us to be confident

Lets try and talk our way out of recession.

Gordon Brown has issued a passionate appeal to the British people for optimism in the face of the economic downturn, insisting that confidence will see the country through the deepening recession.

While admitting that Britain is “in the eye of the storm”, the Prime Minister said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that the country will see off the worst of the slowdown if the public can harness the “British spirit” and remain resolute and upbeat.

International forecasters say that Britain is heading for the deepest recession of any advanced economy, with unemployment predicted to pass 3  million, but Mr Brown appeals against “talking the country down”.

In a striking show of optimism, he declares: “I am absolutely confident about Britain’s future. I have utter confidence in our ability to come through this. I have utter confidence not only in the British people’s determination to come through this, but that people will work together to make sure Britain emerges from this.

I don't know about you lot, but after reading this article, I am feeling so confident that I am ready to go down to Brent Cross Shopping Centre and start buying cheap Chinese tat.


  1. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, so don't take the p*ss out of Gordon, there'll be nothing left.

  2. Given the Eye of a storm is calm, surrounded by walls of destructive bad weather, then Gordy either doesn't understand the metaphor or he's telling us we're about to some gale force economic disasters...

    He really is an overabundance of fail, poured into a blob of pure dour and veneered with drab.

  3. He needs a call from the men in white coats to fit him for a nice canvas coat with long sleeves.

    Some people are reporting that he wet himself so now he is completely hollow.

  4. The clever move would be a cross-EU reduction of VAT to 7-8%. That would represent some wothwhile international cooperation and might be enough to kick some activity into the EU economy, despite negative sentiment. VAT is an enormous drag on European economic activity, and should be pared back to the level of US sales taxes - or below. Otherwise it's death by slow strangulation.

    B. in C.

  5. Having confidence as you walk over a cliff has the same results as not having confidence as you walk over a cliff.

  6. I have a better idea than this flim-flam. (We lack confidence simply because it's right that we should.)

    Instead of bailing out the banks - and failing abjectly - why not give every NI/tax payer of at least five years standing £50k to be spent as frivolously as they please ?

    Surely it's no less bonkers than chucking it down a black hole.

    Boris Johnson on the news today "It's the bankers fault - they should donate their bonuses to charity."

    Paid up member of the political class ? Blame shifting ?

    The credit crunch is due to a failure of political will.

  7. Looking at all the comments before me, It appears there is unanimous agreement.
    God help us !

  8. Confidence will defiantly improve the moment he is out of No10, he should take his own advice, and help it along.

  9. Brent Cross is such a dive.

  10. I don't know about you, but I just added another £10,000 in debt on to my credit card, got the biggest house I could get in Hampstead, and just today, have received my redundency notice in the post. But I feel confident this was the right move because I know the government will help bail me out. I am sure they will, they will, won't they? I couldn't end up homeless or anything...

  11. I wonder if Gordon will be out shopping this weekend to boost the UK economy ? A suggestion to help everyone Gordon... what about buying yourself a do-it-yourself euthanasia kit... made by British workers of course !