Saturday, December 6, 2008

The future of entertainment

When Brown has finished, and when everything is run by the state, this is what entertainment on a Saturday evening will look like.

Bring it on Brown, I can't wait.


  1. I know them! They were the UK's 1974 Eurovision song contest entry. Remember when Britain had the same standard of living as Bulgaria? Ah, Labour in government - bless.

  2. This was recorded in 1979: things were n't much better on Saturday
    nights in the Free West.
    1979 was the centenary of the publication of Progress and Poverty
    by Henry George which demonstrated the dangers of too much credit going into land and real estate.
    It was ignored then as it is now ,30 years later.

  3. That sort of wholesome entertainment is perfect for the society that Brown is creating, one where cigarettes and alcohol are of course banned and political activism frowned upon.


  4. The only difference being that at the end of the performance an 'edgy' 'comedian' would ring up one of their grandfathers to tell him what she's like in bed.

  5. Youtube is banned here. So I don't know what you're watching.

    The future of entertainment is erm... masturbation. Tax-free, VAT 0%. Works in a cave as well as a 125% NR mortgaged home. Works in buy to let as well.

  6. Oh Lordy, not again.

  7. Alice, where do you get this shit from?

  8. Damn! Those Ruskies know how to party..