Sunday, November 23, 2008

Riot in Iceland

The BBC reports that the Icelandic masses are on the move. Several hundred stroppy protesters gathered outside the city's main police station to shout and stomp at the injustices perpetrated upon them by the world financial system.

Lets be honest, Icelanders don't have much experience at rioting. These demonstrations are going nowhere. Brits, on te other hand, have centuries of accumulated know how of street protests and anarchy.

Can you imagine what is going to happen when Reykjavik-on-the-Thames finally blows up.


  1. "Icelanders don't have much experience at rioting": unless you count rape and pillage.

  2. leave it out dearieme, that was centuries ago.

  3. The Icelanders must be as mad as hell. Who can blame them?

  4. The last couple of home grown protests: poll tax and Iraq certainly didn't seem to do a lot of good, did they? What makes you think it'll be different this time round?


  5. What? the poll tax riots didnt make a difference?

  6. Britain has become 'Pussystock' since the 80s: they no longer know how to protest or get their way with the government. Beatan down, fractured, broken, British society is deeply easy to manipulate, as the Labour government knows.

  7. Check out my blog - videos and photos from the protest - and also my youtube.

  8. ""Icelanders don't have much experience at rioting": unless you count rape and pillage." said dearieme

    HOW RUDE!!1 And untrue.
    and we have now accomplished to push the election forward, and we elect in may.
    plus Geir Haarde has said he wont go for primeminester seat again, plus he has cancer now.
    he announced that today.
    SO those fucking ass sweat goverment is bout to be gone.

    -the mad icelandic girl.
    choose orange.