Thursday, November 27, 2008

Paint Downing Street blue

The ghost of Stalin visits Gordon Brown in a dream. Brown takes advantage of the apparition and asks Stalin for some advice. "The UK economy is on the edge of total meltdown Comrade Stalin, what should I do?"

Stalin takes a puff on his pipe and says; "I would advise two measures; first, round up all the bankers in the UK and shoot them. Second, paint Downing Street blue"

"Why should I paint Downing Street blue?" Brown asks.

"Ha, that is what I thought; the first measure needs no explanation".


  1. To continue the meme introduced by Vince Cable, how about a joke where Mr Bean visits the Gorgon?

  2. And there was I thinking it was the governments job to mind the shop?

    Blaming bankers is a bit like blaming the death of a man falling from a tower on gravity, I doubt if save the world is in anybobys contracts.