Monday, November 17, 2008

No more boom and bust......

....and no quick fixes.


  1. It's time for Old Labour!!!!!


  2. 1. The trend line cannot be parabolic, surely, after the past year's falls?

    2. Whose projection is it that house prices start to go up in March 2009, according to your graph?

  3. Trust them again if you think that this time it will not be broken. else leave the past and move on.

  4. David Cameron should snap you up ASAP! Would lead to a Tory 100+ majority if used right in an election campaign........

  5. What he really said was "No, more boom and boost!"


    Alice can you shed any light on what is going on in the Irish Republic?

    Last week beef prices collapsed. This week I am unable to sell finnished beasts at all.

    Last week a police strike in Donegal was narrowly averted when the local authority agreed to stump up accrued overtime.

    Bank of Ireland shares are trading for under 90 cents from a one time high of 18 Euro. It looks like the Government's bluff is about to be called...

    Rumour has it that the caszhpoint sustem will stop within 3 days

    Can you shed any light?

  7. This one of Alice's own is very good too!

    B. in C.

  8. Gordon is a moron... the man has ruined the UK big time.
    It is laughable after watching the video, that the UK economy
    WAS based on house price inflation and money borrowed against it... nothing more... froth and bubble.

  9. Off topic guy - Ireland is screwed. It's a tiny undeveloped economy that got delusions of granduer from a debt fuelled housing bubble, corporate tax cutting to get Finance jobs, and EU subsidies and low interest rates.

    That's unwinding and you're going back to a tiny economy again, but with lots of debt. Like Iceland but not quite as dependent on imports.

  10. What NVM says.

    That'll show all those right wingers who yap on incessantly about Ireland's miracle economy and claim that it is due to Ireland's low corporation tax rate.

    It's not a miracle economy and it has very little to do with the low corporation tax rate.

  11. Broon and bust. You can even sing it:-

    Broon and bust, Broon and bust,
    Riding down the glen,
    Broon and bust, Broon and bust,
    And his gloom-filled men,
    Loved by the bad, feared by the just,
    Broon and bust, Broon and bust, Broon and bust.

    Though I suppose that ages me.

  12. gordy does look young.