Thursday, November 13, 2008

FTSE down 43 percent since the beginning of the year

If you had ₤100 in invested in FTSE-100 index on January 1st this year, your portfolio would now be worth just ₤57. You would have done better putting your money in buy-to-let.



  1. And if you then change those £57 into dollars to spend at Disneyland you'd have lost another 25%. Total wipeout.

  2. I'm still as poor as I was in 2001...

    Amazingly, having lost not a single penny (or ever gained any), I'm one of the UK's success stories. Funny old world.

  3. You are right there mate.
    I have nothing but it seems like I am going to be one of the winners!

  4. And further to go down I suspect. I can't think the current market level can sustain itself in the face of such unrelenting bad economic news for much longer. Possibly FTSE 100 at 3000 by next spring?

  5. Just realised today that BTs shares are trading at 122p

    My gosh, they were originally offered for 130p at the company's 1984 floatation... That's damn nearly 25 years ago!

    Things really are bad.

  6. Dear lady, that's my occupational pension scheme that you're mocking.

    My investment policy, by the way, starts from the proposition that while the scheme owns equities, I don't hold any. Nil. That's the easy bit. What to hold; that's the hard bit. How about Swedish and Canadian index-linked Government bonds?