Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will there be a run on Brown?

It is starting to look like an NRK-style bank run. Today, Scotland Office minister David Cairns resigned from the government, but not before calling for a change in New Labour leadership.

According to the BBC, "there have been rumours that other, more junior ministers are also considering resigning in the coming days." It looks like momentum could be building for a Labour leadership challenge.

It would be a desperate contest, fought against a backdrop of a crumbling financial system and an economy sliding into recession.

1 comment:

  1. Brown should stay and sort out the mess he helped create...
    His miracle economy was nothing more than a mirage - one riding the back of crazy house price inflation - simple as that.
    Problem is, if he does stay in office, he is only likely get the UK further in to debt, bailing out the wasters and punishing tax payers and savers... Mr Bean indeed !