Friday, August 29, 2008

Alice's bubble wrap

Britain 'facing 18-month recession'

That is what the Mail thinks.

Credit crunch delays Liverpool FC stadium

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I have no opinion.

London Luxury-Home Prices Post First Drop Since 2003

I thought that the high-end London market was crash proof. Russian oligarchs and Arab princes would always want to live in Mayfair.

B&B slumps to a loss as arrears surge

"Bradford & Bingley on Friday reported a pre-tax loss of £26.7m in first-half profits, compared with a profit £180.4m a year earlier, following a sharp jump in arrears and losses on its structured credit portfolio."

Credit crunch: Crédit Agricole profits fall 94%

It is so much easier to report losses when everyone else is doing likewise.

Irish mortgage growth at lowest since 1987

Oh Mamatchka! Things are getting bad in Ireland. What happened to the celtic tiger. Did somebody shoot it?

Look Out FDIC

Does the US deposit insurance scheme have enough money to pay for all the upcoming bank failures. It is highly doubtful.

McCain picks female running mate

I don't want to make any specific comment on the US elections. It is up to Americans who they want as President. However, I was very excited by McCain's choice of vice-presidential candidate - Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska.


  1. Militant Islam better watch it: there is only one demographic group more vicious and more hell-bent on keeping their comfort zone comfortable, and that is van-driving soccer mums. These women will kick more ass than cranky old white guys, I can assure you. The Republicans are very wise to mobilise this base, because this base will dropkick medieval islam into outer space.

  2. No stadium for Liverpool. That is definitely a good thing.

  3. You and me both - BABE! lol please forgive me ;S

  4. Why are you excited about Sarah Palin?


    She takes over when McCain's dementia becomes all the more obvious...FFS!

  6. So he took a black young-ish woman. He's just playing the demographics. Gives all of Hilary's scorned women something to destroy Obama with. Nothing more to it.


  7. Got the colour wrong. Looked at the wrong photo. Oh well, as a whitey she'll go down even better with the Hilary wimmin.