Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alice's bubble wrap

First up, I am thinking of changing the name of the blog. I want to expand the focus slighty to include other issues. The UK housing catastrophe will still feature prominently. Any suggestions for a new name?

Should she stay or should she go?

Renter girl, one of my favourite bloggers, is thinking of leaving Dovecot Towers. If she goes, will she curtail the weekly insight into urban despair? I hope not.

The Housing Crash Payoff: More Affordable Housing, More Disposable Income

Charles Hugh Smith thinks we should embrace the crash. "Rather than wringing our hands in horror at the crash of housing prices, we should be cheering wildly and hoping they drop another 50 percent." My sentiments exactly.

The stamp duty fiasco

More Nu Labour incompetence: even hinting at a reduction was bound to freeze the housing market.

Australia Reserve Bank "shocked" by the severity of the slowdown

Mish pointing to one more example of the global credit bust. I think he really means the global housing credit bust.

Europe's banking moral hazard

The second biggest economic problem; after inflation.

Banks Tighten Consumer Lending

"The Home ATM is drying up. And now lending standards are being tightened for credit cards and other consumer loans. " Tighter credit does not mean no credit.

Treasury Receipts Show The Turn

Maxed out Mama finds more evidence of a US downturn.

Economic Malaise Threatens To Undermine European Unity

Then give me more malaise.

Priced out?

Check out the campaign for affordable housing.


  1. How about "Alice's big economics blog"

  2. I'm not sure what the new name should be, but if you put some threatening music behind your "Bubble Wraps" you could call them "Bubble Raps."

  3. Brain-storming for names:

    "Of Cabbages and Kings" (?):

    "The time has come," the Walrus said,
    "To talk of many things:
    Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
    Of cabbages--and kings--
    And why the sea is boiling hot--
    And whether pigs have wings."

    "We're Through the Looking Glass here, people" (?)

    (Jim Garrison in JFK)

    B. in C.

  4. Bubble is fine. It's not just a housing bubble and this story will run and run, so you don't need to change it just yet.

  5. As to new name, how about ... er ... "Alice Cook"?

    All the best/least pretentious bloggers just use their normal names* and that's that.

    * Or a name that sounds like a normal name.

  6. Alice through the looking glass?

  7. UK Toil and Trouble. Or
    Alice's Toil and Trouble. Or
    Cook spoils the broth.

  8. I can't think of any good names. Some not-so-clever names I thought of are:

    - Alice Shrugged (i.e. wordplay on Atlas Shrugged)
    - What's Holding It Up?
    - Tick Tock... The UK Bomb Clock
    - Shadow Bank of England